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Illuminate the hunt with the Hex Light 2 arrow quiver. The Hex Light 2 offers a compact, light-weight two-piece design with four glowing green LED lights – three on top of the hood and one inside. The compact hood design is perfect for hunters who prefer not to remove the quiver from the bow. The Hex Light 2 holds 5 standard or micro shaft size arrows using customizable arrow grippers, while the precision-designed soft-touch hood of the quiver can accommodate fixed or mechanical broadheads without the risk of deploying. Light the way with the Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 2-Piece Quiver.

  • Two-piece 5 arrow quiver design with LED lights
  • Built-in LED lights illuminate arrows and surroundings in low light

Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 Quiver

SKU: 754806300191